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A boy, an owl hat, a smiley clock and a Parisian dog walk into a pub... April 15, 2015 12:00

This week I have been doing some sketching and thinking. Working on doing some limited edition prints in the near future.

Enjoying stretching my imagination!

Owl boy pencil outlineOwl boy pen drawing
Parisian dog in progress

Bringing sexy back April 8, 2015 12:00

How would you like a nice strong tattooed man in a loincloth in your life, well here he is...knock yourself out girls or for that matter boys!

Just one of the drawings i am working on at the mo.

Tat-tastic March 18, 2015 12:00

While in the middle of deliberating what tattoo to have next, we have been transfixed on Pinterest, flooding our brainwaves with the beautiful art of the tattoo. 

Our own beloved tattoos are just not enough any more. It is so true, once you start you are in danger of becoming addicted. 

Rose Tattoos by Kiley, Cult Classic Tattoo

Rose tattoos

Kiley artist at Cult Classic Tattoo

Bow tattoos by Neal, Cult Classic Tattoo

Bow tattoos

Neal artist at Cult Classic Tattoo

Bow design courtesy of Ridley & Dowse:

Tattoos courtesy of Cult Classic Tattoo: