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Lola Crest Bedroom update January 1, 2019 12:00

We love this beautiful bedroom update using Lola Crest wallpaper. It's such a great feeling when someone takes the time to send in pictures of the finished room where they have used your wallpaper. The Lola Crest wallpaper was used by a long term customer Charlotte, who became a friend. We call her our number one fan because she has loved and supported our brand for many years, from when we started in fashion until today doing interiors .

This design means a lot to Charlotte and her husband, as she purchased a top from us with the Lola Crest on it and met her husband wearing it. They now have this wallpaper in their first home bought together.

Lola Crest headboard

Lola Crest lamp

Lola Crest stereo

Lola Crest corner

Updating your wardrobe by swapping February 9, 2018 12:00

SwapAholicsUK clothes swapping

We helped out in January at SwapAholicsUK Shoreditch clothes swapping event (in return for credits from the time banking platform Echo) and will be back again for this month's event! It was great to use our skills from the old days selling Levis 501s/vintage in Camden Lock market and then touting B&B wares on our stall in Electric Ballroom.

Shoreditch Platform

The message behind these events is a worthy one:
SwapAholicsUK is an organisation that values the importance of protecting our environment that we live and play in. To achieve this mission, we hope to advance a more sustainable future by offering events that encourages the reuse, recycle notion of a better world for our future generations “why shop, when you can swap”.

SwapAholicsUK clothes swapping

Tickets are £3 per person. You can swap up to 20 items in good condition:
- clothes (any season)
- shoes (any size)
- bags
- accessories & jewellery (high street and max 5 pieces per person)

SwapAholicsUK outfit

The next SwapAholicsUK event will be from 12:30-16:00 on Sunday 18 February 2018 at Shoreditch Platform,1 Kingsland Road, London E2 8AA. Be there or miss out on some gems!

Adding art to your home January 26, 2018 12:00

This week we have been mostly... adding art to our homes!

 Art posters and vintage hand decorated cabinet

Our A2 posters look fab framed, but have had them propped up in a corner forever. At long last they are hung in the entrance hall. Accessorised with oddball items of course. These include a vintage cabinet hand decorated by Lisa, stand up animals and a Shaun Ryder mask.

Vintage armchairs and diamante boombox

This shot is of some very retro brown PVC reclining armchairs purchased for first flat from an antique shop in the Angel Islington and finally destined to be on their way to a good home somewhere else. Couldn't resist using giant diamante boombox (originally used for window display in The Retailery) to help display them at their finest when listing for sale.

Loved the pic so much it had to go on our Instagram @brennanandburch for posterity. Follow us on there for more behind the scenes shots as well as art and other stuff that we see along our travels.

Sara Stockbridge iconic muse of an era June 24, 2015 12:00

I have to post a little homage to Sara Stockbridge as she has been playing on my mind for some reason over the last few weeks. Sara was Vivienne Westwood's muse in the mid to late 1980s and had a very distinctive kind of Marilyn Monroe mash-up look. You couldn't miss her and to me she represented Vivienne at that time. She started her career at Models One and after her high-profile work as Vivienne's muse she went to be an actress, writer and singer. Still to this day she retains the crown as the face of Vivienne Westwood and that era in our youth. Her i-D magazine cover was firmly stuck on our wall for many a year and she still looks as fresh and relevant to this day. She still looks absolutely fab at 49. There's still hope for us!

All images copyright Vivienne Westwood / i-D Magazine / Sara Stockbridge

Sara Stockbridge i-D magazine cover

Sara Stockbridge modelling Vivienne Westwood

Sara Stockbridge modelling Vivienne Westwood

Sara Stockbridge modelling Vivienne Westwood

Sara Stockbridge modelling Vivienne Westwood

Sara Stockbridge modelling Vivienne Westwood

Sara Stockbridge


While researching this blog came across this pic of the one and only NIck Kamen, another love of our youth, but that's another time, another blog...


We love runty toys February 25, 2015 12:00

We love vintage toys but even better runty toys. You know, that strange looking bear with a wonky eye and missing ear, or sad little things with big eyes. My heart belongs to that lonely little runt of the litter that no one else wants or has some how been left on the shelf for years...
 Runty toys
Runty toys
Runty toys