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Big Smile Collective Youth Art Factory Chelmsford January 5, 2023 19:57

Are you 11-17 years old living in the Chelmsford area and love being creative? Big Smile Collective Youth are doing a pop up art factory in Hot Box, 28-29 Viaduct Road, Chelmsford CM1 1TS every Wednesday from 3:00-5:00pm. Come and join us for a safe, warm, hang out, doing creative things for free. Enjoy some pizza and soft drinks!

  • Big Smile Collective Youth Art Factory Chelmsford is a safe place for you and your mates
  • We are open in Hot Box every Wednesday afternoon
  • Free Pizza Bar every Wednesday for our factory participants
  • Warm and welcoming environment off the streets
  • Creative activity every week
  • Industry specialists leading activities

Big Smile Collective Chelmsford Art Factory

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is it free?

Yes, Big Smile Collective Youth Art Factory Chelmsford is free to attend.

Can I just turn up or do I need to register on Eventbrite?

Yes, you can just turn up on the day.

Is there really free pizza?

Yes, we will feed you pizza and offer soft drinks!

I have a question - who can I contact?

call Lis & Maj on 020 8144 9981

email us at shop@brennan-and-burch.co.uk

write to us at Brennan & Burch, Barking Enterprise Centre, 50 Cambridge Road, Barking IG11 8FG

Big Smile Collective Clothes Swap September 2022 September 12, 2022 15:31

Clothes swap in Havering

Bring quality items of clean clothing, shoes, bags and accessories you no longer wear and swap for a new wardrobe!

Brennan & Burch will be holding Big Smile Collective Clothes Swap on Tuesday 13 September 2022 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm at New City College, Ardleigh Green Road, Hornchurch, Essex RM11 2LL.

£3 swap entry fee also includes refreshments and workshop by Sunny Jar Eco Hub. Make a shopper from a tshirt - a bag making workshop where you can upcycle one of your own tshirts into a trendy shopper to make your friends jealous. If you don't have a spare t-shirt to upcycle, we can help you choose one from the swap stock that will look fabulous.


Big Smile Collective Clothes Swap 13 September 2022

The Thing About Artists August 12, 2020 14:59

'We are happy to announce that we are producing a full-colour book of exciting artists and creatives from Havering and surrounding areas of London and Essex. With the support of Havering Changing, the digital version will be released in October 2020. The book will feature a brilliant mix of mid-career to established artists working in a wide range of urban styles, show the amazing creations of 40+ artists and delve into their world of creative talent. This book is perfect for anyone who is a fan of street art, graffiti, illustration and print, or who has an appreciation for the art world.’
Lisa Brennan & Majida Burch
Co-Founders Brennan & Burch

Brennan & Burch is a British interiors brand where Lisa Brennan's fantastical, colourful illustrations and hand-drawn characters decorate wallpapers, rugs and prints. Her strong and thought provoking style is timeless, recognisable and unites everything Brennan & Burch creates. Brennan & Burch co-founders Lisa & Majida have been friends since the 1980s when they met at school in Camden Town and were heavily influenced by street style, rockabillies, punk, casuals and acid house music.

Brennan and Burch wall from Colour in Romford by Made Public

‘The Art Book is an incredible opportunity to shout about and showcase the amazing talent of local artists. It will prove to anyone living in Havering considering getting more involved with the arts that anything is possible. B&B are a shining example of that and I’m so pleased to support them to inspire the next generation of local artists’.
James Jackson
Project Director, Havering Changing

Havering Changing is a new project supporting local people, living and working, in Harold Hill, Orchard Village, Rainham and Romford to choose, create and take part in their own programme of inspiring arts and culture. In August 2019, Havering Changing was thrilled to be one of only twelve new places in the country successful in its application to join Arts Council England’s Creative People and Places programme, for a four year period starting in November 2019. Havering Changing will trial radical new ideas that engage local people in arts and culture in a variety of new ways. Havering Changing passionately believes putting local communities at the heart of cultural decision making will lead to a more connected, ambitious and confident community that believes they have just as much right to amazing cultural experiences as everyone else.

Havering Changing logo

Artist open call June 23, 2020 12:00 1 Comment

Hi everyone

We are doing an open call for an exciting art book celebrating local artists/creatives showcasing their work. We’d love to hear from mid-career artists who want more exposure to established artists who have lots to shout about.

Are you a modern artist/creative in the areas of urban art, pop art, graffiti, screen printing and illustration?

You could be one of the 40+ artists selected to be represented in the book by 4 full colour pages of your work, a headshot of your choice, and an interview about you and your glorious work.

Submissions are open to artists across London/Essex, with a particular focus on Havering. We especially want to hear from artists with links to Harold Hill, Romford, Orchard Village or Rainham.

Submissions will be considered against a judging matrix and reviewed by an independent panel of local partners. We will notify you within one month of application to let you know the outcome of the selection process.

Applications are accepted from now onwards and will be considered on a first come, first served basis. The final closing date for applications is Monday 27 July 2020.

Email shop@brennan-and-burch.co.uk with the subject ‘Your Name/Art book’ with some images of your work or links to your website/social media.

This book will give a platform to emerging artists and a chance to be seen and appreciated. The digital version of the book is made possible by generous support from Havering Changing (www.haveringchanging.org) and Arts Council England.

Artist open call bunny

B&B interview interior designer Ayesha Bibi April 13, 2020 12:00

Ayesha Bibi has intrigued us from the word go with her fabulous colourful instagram stream. We love her look so much she even became a creative muse!

Ayesha Bibi in leopard print

What year were you born?
I was the unplanned ninth child born to my parents during Early Spring of Nineteen Eighty One.

Where are you from? Do you still live there or have you moved on somewhere else?
I am from the Northamptonshire district, I have lived in various places in the UK, London, Surrey, 3 or 4 parts of Warwickshire and now based in Birmingham. Essentially a "traveller" (not sure if this is the correct term to use these days) but its what i have been called by my very loving nieces and nephews (all 14 of them).

Tell us a bit about your background…
Mama and papa are both native tigers from Bangladesh, I am the youngest of the siblings, my parents came to the UK to enable my brothers and sister better educational prospects, naturally they did as they were asked and created "academic" careers out of their lives. I was the unplanned mishap/delinquent (studied Fine Art) whom occurred here in the UK, probably when my mother least wanted another little terror around her ankles at 44. My father was a baker in the UK, but a landowner/farmer/property developer back in Bangladesh, where he has now returned to continue his work despite being 87.

Ayesha Bibi camera

What did you want to be when you grew up?
As a child (secretly maybe even now), I was that kid that wanted to be an astronaut and go into space, or at least space travel, most of this obsession probably stemmed from watching things like "Button Moon", "Mork and Mindy" and "The Jetsons". Not to mention various sci-fi comics. Eeek.

What sort of music did you listen to when you were younger, and has that influenced your work in anyway?
Having older siblings i was introduced to lots of different types of music, i'd say the only genres i could not cope with, were probably heavy metal and jungle (way too much for my sensory overload issues), it definitely influences my work, often sets the tone when i'm working on something. Preferences are still the same pretty much, Electro, Rock, Folk, Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz. Music is life.

Ayesha Bibi with book

Do you identify with any tribe?
Hmmmm, i'd have to say if we are going tribal, certainly that dweeby gamer - skater girl, and i'd still be skating if i were still intact and LOVE ACID HOUSE.

What did you do before becoming an artist/creative?
Throughout school I knew that i was never going to be an academic like any of my siblings, though i had no issues with these subjects, I was constantly obsessed with creating virtual worlds, regardless of the subject, my topic somehow always became fantasy. I studied Fine Art at University, despite my mums grievances with this, and fear that i'd never get a "real" job. This time gave me so much scope to play with my thoughts and figure out what i wanted to do. I was lucky enough to go straight into a creative industry.

Do you work alone or are in you in a partnership/creative collective?
I work with a mixture of creative and non creative folk, I have worked as an interior designer from day dot, but work across the board in developing/mentoring creatives businesses, this can range from wearable items, furniture, music publications, bands, photographers and videographers.

Ayesha Bibi interior deisgn butterfly picture

Do you have a style that you stick to or has it changed over the years?
In terms of style, I think my personal style has pretty much remained the same. The styles presented to a client can really vary dependant on their lifestyle and needs. My personal style is as whacky as you like.

How did you develop your signature style?
In terms of my signature style when it comes to interiors, it has developed through my experiences and travels, and probably also my colourful asian background. If I had to describe it, I would say that it is a concoction of Control Vs Complete Madness, Streamlined but a Chaotic Organisation.... that would be also be a good way to describe my brain. Eeek.

What medium do you work in? What is your design process?
I am an old fashioned pen and paper girl, I love to draw concepts freehand and handle raw materials, this will later turn into realisations and actual spaces of course. But you may find yourself with a pretty watercolour painting of an original thought.

Ayesha Bibi interior design living room

Do you have a favourite piece of work that you have done so far, and why do you like it?
I cannot say I have a favourite piece of work that I have created as such, over the years I have had some amazing experiences and clients, I get so much joy and pleasure to realise someone else's thoughts and emotions into reality. For me this is the EXHILARATION.

Who is the person behind the persona?
I guess i am pretty much what you see is what you get, so no hidden agenda, sometimes needs a verbal filter. Eeek. 

Who are your heroes?
My personal heroes, are definitely my parents, they are both massively creative, loving and kind hippies, from a young age i learnt so many crafts with them that have certainly favoured me in adulthood. From making bamboo baskets to constructing shacks.
Creative heroes, we could be here a long time... two that stand out for me, are Zaha Hadid, for being a total badass rule maker in architecture and design (shoe design OMFG!!), and Anish Kapoor for his sheer intensities of pigments and scope of his installation and conceptual art.
I might add a third here, Damien Hirst - anything/anyone that plays with space and dominance does incredible things to my soul.

Ayesha Bibi makeup and nails

What has been your career defining moment?
I am actually going to say, this was my son, the moment he was conceived my life changed forever, somehow now I was to be the lone parent of an unborn child. Therefore have spent the last ten years creating a world tailored just for us. Some sacrifices have come with undreamt of rewards. During this time, some parts of my interiors side of work has had to be put on hold, thus, a time to exercise and draw upon other creative skills I am lucky enough to have, such as photography and languages.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?
At this point, I feel like our life is at a really nice pivotal moment, I am currently in the process of continuing to write a book I started three years ago, so it would be nice to get this published at some stage. Also re-instating my interiors business and connecting back into the pool of amazing design and designers.

Have you got any advice for other artists/creatives?
My advice to artists and creatives, would be to always believe in your passion, you may come up against set backs throughout your career, whether it be personal or professional, remain true to yourself and remember the people who helped you along the way, always pay respect, because it reaps dividends.

Email: ayeshabibi@yahoo.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ayesha_bibi/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ayesha-bibi-b8897b82/

Here is a picture of her by Lisa:

Ayesha Bibi black ink sketch

How to know when the job is done March 30, 2020 12:00

One of the most difficult parts of being an artist/illustrator is to know when to stop. When is your job finished, when can you sit back and be satisfied that you have done enough. My answer to this is you don't, I always think I can do a bit more here and a bit more there. I treat my work as a story, there's a beginning, middle and end and that's when I must say goodbye.

I recently started sketching an new illustration, I have an urge to introduce more people into my work that look human and not animalistic. The pencil work was done (all my artwork is handrawn first) and then I went on to using fine tipped black pens. While doing the fineline pen work i did a small film of the process which I shared on social media.

Adding colour

When this was finished the artwork was scanned to Photoshop where I started to work on building up the color. This work is not finished yet but am enjoying adding the colour to this one but am stuck on the many coloured jewels on the girls dress!

 Rain drops coloured

What makes art good?

We had the honour recently of being asked for the second year running to judge the Mothers' Day portrait competition for the Mercury Mall in Romford. Many schools got involved and there were hundreds of entries. There were different age group categories.We had a ball spending half a day going through all the fabulous artworks. The winners and close runners came to a prize winners ceremony at the Mercury Mall, and all the childrens' work was also displayed in their art gallery. 

Overall winner of Mercury Mall Mother's Day competition

Mercury Mall Mother's Day competition prize giving

Display of competition entries and B&B artwork

Lis & Maj in front of children's artwork

B&B interview poet Serena Malcolm March 11, 2020 12:00 1 Comment

Serena is an amazing gorgeous person and fellow creative. She was born to write and loves poetry, creative writing, reading, interiors and up-cycling. We recently bought a copy of her poetry book and were so impressed we had to find out more about her.

Serena in restaurant - Brennan and Burch interview Serena Malcom

What year were you born?
I was established in 1982. Just like Next!

Where are you from? Do you still live there or have you moved on somewhere else?
I was born in Tooting in South London (but my heritage is a mixture of Sierra Leonean, Ghanaian, Bajan, French and Spanish). Even though I will always call south London my home, I now live on the outskirts of the city, on its border with Essex.

Tell us a bit about your background…
I am the daughter of a teacher and a nurse so I had a very disciplined upbringing. Even though I have a mixed heritage, I grew up surrounded by my dad’s African family, so I have strong roots in the culture and traditions of his homeland. I am the youngest of three children, but with my older brother (and dad) also writing poetry, I am certainly not the only creative one.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was younger, I used to tell people “I just want to help people when I grow up”. I started off wanting to be a social worker, then a teacher, and then a police officer. I guess finally becoming one of three isn’t bad!

What sort of music did you listen to when you were younger, and has that influenced your work in anyway?
I have always had a massively eclectic taste in music. My dad is a huge country and western fan and my mum was literally obsessed with Elvis, so these genres were a big part of my early childhood. As I grew up and became more independent, I started listening to a lot of hip-hop, R&B, gospel and soul. I also love a bit of 80s, and big band/cabaret (see, eclectic!) but my favourite artist of all time has to be India Arie. Her music does something to my soul, I’m sure of it! It makes me think, it makes me feel good, and sometimes it even makes me cry, but it always makes me feel something, and that is exactly what I aim for with my writing; making people “feel”.

Do you identify with any tribe?
(e.g. teddy boy, rockabilly, mod, punk, skinhead, rude boy, b-boy/b-girl, goth, acid house, skater, gamer, emo)?
My tribe? I am a gaming, tech-loving, nerdy bookworm.... is that a tribe??

What did you do before becoming an artist/creative?
I don’t think there was a “before” with me. I wrote my first poem, aged seven, in the library of the school where my dad taught. I printed it out on one of those old dot matrix printers, I remember because the paper had those holes down the side that you had to tear off. I think that that poem is still in my parents' house somewhere... anyway, I’ve been writing poems and stories ever since.

Do you work alone or are in you in a partnership/creative collective?
My poems are usually quite raw and personal. They are an expression – an extension - of my feelings and so for me writing is very much a solitary affair. Having said that, my oldest friend, Kingsley, is a poet too. Sometimes, if either of us has writers’ block, we will bounce ideas off each other via Facebook messenger. We’ve been doing this for years, even though he known lives in Prague.

Do you have a style that you stick to or has it changed over the years?
I like to experiment with styles of poetry. Anything from short Haikus, to sonnets, to three-page epics. Sometimes I rhyme, sometimes I don’t. I do feel like in recent years I have settled on a more consistent style though, one that is almost lyrical or songlike. One that sounds good when your read it out loud. I am yet to perform any of them, but maybe someday.

How did you develop your signature style?
I mostly draw inspiration from the likes of India Arie, who often tells stories with her songs. I try to tell a little story, or teach a lesson in each of my poems, and I use fast flowing rhythm and rhyme to emphasise my point. This has led to a bit of a quirky style, but one that feels like “me”, and I hope that over time, people will be able to identify it as mine.

What medium do you work in? What is your design process?
I guess the choice of medium for a writer is a pretty much pen and paper, or some kind of screen. I feel like my most honest work happens when I put pen to paper. I like to see the hurried scribbles and messy crossings out. But most of the time, an idea for a poem, or an opening line, will pop into my head at the strangest of moments. I could be on the bus, or in bed, or at work, so more often than not I use the notes app on my phone. I will type the line, or sometimes it is just a couple of words. I will then close the app and carry on with whatever it was that I was doing. Then, sometime later, I will come back to it and use that as the basis for a poem. When I have a finished draft of a poem it will be edited dozens of times before I am happy enough to upload it to my blog. But honestly, not everything makes it. If you were to look in that notes app, you would see so many unfinished works, or single lines, that just didn’t make the cut. Maybe I will go back and finish them some day. Maybe not. That is my process.

Do you have a favourite piece of work that you have done so far, and why do you like it?
When you have written over 200 poems, it's so difficult to choose a favourite. I would say, at a push I could narrow it down to two. Londoner and Underground. I think Londoner makes me feel happy every time I read it because it was written in the car on the way to may parent’s house. It was written as a kind of love poem to London and to the “home” vibes that I get every time I pass through the city. Underground, is also a nod to London (or rather commuting in London), and although it has negative connotations, I just love the rhythm of it and the metaphors that I used. I think (I hope!) both are very relatable.

Who is the person behind the persona?
I am very much an introvert. For the most part I spend my time trying not to disturb or negatively affect the people around me and I care a lot about other people’s feelings – and sadly, at times, their opinions! I do like to make people smile if I can and will often go out of my way to do so, but I also really enjoy my own company, or the company of a good book. I am down to earth, laidback, and I guess ultimately, pretty ordinary. But that suits me just fine.

Who are your heroes?
India Aire (I know, I’m obsessed but she is amazing). But also, my dad and my brother. My dad because he taught me to be kind and open minded, to not be afraid to dream, and to stand up for the little guy. And my brother, basically, because his poetry is better than mine (don’t tell him I said that). Seeing his successes makes me strive to do better myself. He is super talented and I am very proud of him (don’t tell him I said that either!)

What has been your career defining moment?
I don’t think I’ve had it yet! But the moments so far that will always stick with me, are when I finished my first novel, and when I published my first poetry book. These are achievements that seven-year-old me, sat in that library, waiting for that relic of a printer to finish, would never have thought possible.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?
My goal is to write a new novel and have it, in print, in the likes of Waterstones. That would be incredible.

Have you got any advice for other artists/creatives?
Poetry is expressive, so there is no right, and there is definitely no wrong. Have faith that if you felt it when you wrote it, others will feel it when they read it. And don’t be afraid to go away and come back to a poem that isn’t sitting right with you. Sometimes it takes time for a piece to “ripen”. And that usually produces much better results. And lastly, us creative types are our own worst critics. It took me many, many years to start sharing my work, but I will admit that since then, I’ve found the feedback to be more uplifting and encouraging that I could ever have dreamed. So don’t be afraid to share.

The Good Wolf and This Haggard Alice books - Brennan and Burch interview poet Serena Malcolm

Blog: http://voicelessfricative.wordpress.com
Instagram: http://instagram.com/serena_malcolm
Facebook: http://facebook.com/smalcolmwrites
Twitter: http://twitter.com/serena_malcolm

Poem by Serena Malcolm - 'Londoner'

Breathe deep,
Smog sneaks
through the slither of open glass
as a concrete landscape
races past,
Skirts the path of
an undulating
Tail lights
fire fly
into my sight
with hues of bright red
Objects slink into the mirror
than I think and I
a little deeper into the faded threads
and rest my head,
the scraper
and the evening paper
in the door,
Vibrations through the floor make happy feet,
And people spill across
Phones in hand,
Eyes glued
shuffling shoes,
Carbon footprints
the city’s tune,
A hive without a mind
Hispters thrive,
Homeless survive,
Soldiers, drones and workers strive
while queen presides,
Millions of lives
like atoms that
seldom collide,
Like passing ships
in the night,
these strangers
changing lanes
remain in chains,
Slaves to doldrums,
Fleeting eyes
never meet,
Yet never
in any zone
but our own,
And still we call it home,

Poem by Serena Malcolm - 'Underground'

And so it starts
Anthropoid lips reluctantly part
and suck me in,
They chew me up
and I stand suspended,
Digesting in the belly of the beast,
My senses feast
on fat and sweat and coffee breath,
On coughing deaths,
groins that press,
and grating voices unsuppressed,
And as the undulation
of another victim’s mastication
sways me to and fro,
I don’t let go,
I fight to keep hold
in the folds of staccato rocks and rhythmic rolls,
To maintain control,
But I know,
I know,
I cannot
break the mould,
Shake the unholy farce
of the road ahead,
and my eyes;
They sit heavy in my head,
And sleep constricts me still,
Squeezes tighter,
Tighter still,
Ekes out every drop of will,
And I watch it spill
and pool at my feet,
Leaving me weak and drained,
to be
just another pawn
in their game,
Another slave
in chains,
Off to harvest Massa’s cane,
It’s yesterday
all over again,
And tomorrow
will be just the same.
No rest,
No change,
And no escape;
The Railroad’s
by the train.

Author holding books - Brennan and Burch interview poet Serena Malcolm

B&B interview vintage obsessive Emma Davies November 20, 2019 12:00

Emma is a woman after our own heart - a lover of tattoos, vintage, rockabilly and all things stylish. We met through her love of our butterfly skull logo, and bonded instantly. We love all she does and wanted to find out more about her. 

Emma in red wedding dress

Tell us a bit about yourself...
I’m Emma Davies a 42 year old mum, wife and vintage obsessive. I freelance write and blog and for actual proper money I work as a children’s nanny and as a receptionist in a local hairdressers. I love my family, dogs, tattoos and cake!

You always look fantastic! Where do you get your inspiration from?
Thank you very much! Coming from you both that’s one helluva compliment, and I’m very, very flattered. My inspiration is a bit of a 1950’s/1980’s mashup with a teeny sprinkling of goth thrown in for good measure. I love the rockabilly pinups, Debbie Harry, Siouxsie Sioux and Helena Bonham Carter, these ladies are my idols!

Emma with husband 

What would you say your style is?
It really varies from day to day depending on what I’m doing but I always try and get a bit of vintage in there somewhere! Saturday for work was a Collectif tartan swing dress, yesterday a original 80’s dress complete with shoulder pads and today I’m nannying so I’m wearing a oversize customised bleached denim shirt, leggings and Converse. Everything is topped off with a slick of red lipstick though, I don’t feel like me without it.

How did you first come across Brennan and Burch?
About 5 years ago I was staying in the AMAZING Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton and fell in love with the beautiful wallpaper in their bar area ( butterfly skull and madworld print). It was exactly the sort of art that I love. Bright, quirky, but not too creepy. I did a bit of research when I came home and learnt more about Brennan and Burch and wanted everything!

Hotel Pelirocco bar

What made you decide to have a tattoo on your hand of our butterfly skull?
I had wanted a hand tattoo for a while and knew it had to be something a bit special. I fell in love with the butterfly skull so emailed B&B and tentatively asked if they would mind if I used their design. You guys were so lovely and even sent me the .pdf file to give to my tattooist! It’s one of my favourites and I’m so grateful to you both.

Emma butterfly skull tattoo

You have some lovely tattoos, which are your favourites or mean something to you?
Thank you very much! I love my ink and it’s a constant work in progress. They are a big old jumble of everything I love, from my kids names to Tim Burton movies, flowers and butterflies. My favourites change but I love my pug in a teacup (I have two pugs and they are my babies!) and my butterfly skull on my hand. I recently got my first tattoo that I had when I was 18, a ropey looking 90’s dolphin, covered up, and I have to admit I felt a bit sad about it. They are all special in their own way.

Emma chest tattoos

We know you are passionate about your thrift shop finds. Does your home reflect this?
I love thrifting and this has definitely spread into my home. I’ll trawl markets and even skips for unusual pieces that fill my home. I love colour and graffiti art too. None of it is expensive. We have too many kids and dogs to be too precious!

 Emma house with zebra

Emma house with elephant

Hippo Screenprinters live printing B&B artwork at Roy's Art Fair September 25, 2019 00:00

Romford artists Brennan & Burch return to their roots with limited edition screenprints at Roy's Art Fair. Fine art printmaking studio Hippo Screenprinters will be live demonstrating the art of screen printing with exclusive artwork releases by special guests. We will be signing live printed art 'Dark Nights' during the private view on Thursday 3 October at Truman Brewery, London.

Prints will be for sale for the duration of the fair, along with other fine art on the Hippo Screenprinters Stand 79 in Room 2.

Dark Nights print

The Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL
Thursday 3rd October 2019 17:00-21:30 (Private view)
Friday 4th October 2019 12:00-20:00
Saturday 5th October 2019 11:00-19:00
Sunday 6th October 2019 11:00-18:00

Book free tickets 


Baboon wallpapers at Design Junction September 18, 2019 12:00

Baboon Wallpaper collection is featured in Elle Decoration Nomadic Cafe at Design Junction.

The Nomadic Cafe for Metropolitan designers has been designed by Matteo Bianchi Studio and is located in the Canopy Market section of Design Junction.

Brennan & Burch are part of the international creative collaboration that is Baboon Wallpapers and have designs 'Scallops' and 'Trees' on display.

Elle Decoration Nomadic Cafe

Kings Cross, London, N1C

Opening Times:
Thursday 19 September 2019 11:00 – 20:00
Friday 20 September 2019 11:00 – 19:00
Saturday 21 September 2019 11:00 – 18:00
Sunday 22 September 2019 11:00 – 17:00

Guild February 2019 April 2, 2019 12:00

Our bug's life print was featured in the February 2019 edition of Guild.

Guild magazine February 2019


Judging Mother's Day art competition March 26, 2019 12:00

We were asked to be on the judging panel for the Mothers' Day art portrait competition 'Image of My Mum' at the Mercury Mall shopping centre in Romford. We were astounded when we got there at the number of artwork submissions, over 700 entries. Our favourites combined technique, cuteness and detail. After deliberating all morning, phew it was hard going as there were many lovely portraits, we finally came to a decision. Afterwards we had a well earned croissant and tea plus a chocolate flake yum yum.

We were invited to the private view and really enjoyed seeing the pride and accomplishment on the faces of the winners and highly commended. The portraits will be displayed in the Mercury Mall until 31 March 2019.

Image of my Mum 5-7 winner

 Image of My Mum invite

 Image of my Mum 8-11 winner

Image of my Mum audience

Image of my Mum Mercury Mall staff pick


Zag zag zig wallpaper March 19, 2019 12:00

This graphic black and white image was first hand drawn (no ruler) and then repeated digitally. I am not a fan of straight lines, they are too regimented for me. I'm a bit of a rebel and want my images to show the wibbles and wobbles, I will not conform!

Zag zag zig wallpaper

Three head bird wallpaper March 12, 2019 12:00

This wallpaper has been an ongoing project for a few years. I took an image of a sparrow and wanted it to look wooden, like an ancient tree. There were a lot of attempts to make it look right and I ended up discarding it for ages, something wasn't right about it. Recently I was going through my archive and came across this image again. I had a fresh mind and a clearer idea where I wanted it to go and it finally paid off...

Three headed bird wallpaper

Stars in the heavens print March 5, 2019 12:00

I love stars and they reoccur again and again in my work. I wasn't a great fan of this wallpaper at first but have grown to like it, it's a bit different from what I normally do. It reminds me of a film I watched many years ago and the person in it was dying and their soul flew up and up through the clouds and the stars and into an amazing kaleidoscope of colour and beauty, whether it's heaven or not I don't know...

Stars in the heavens

Ice cream you scream wallpaper February 26, 2019 12:00

This is my favorite of the new wallpapers. I was so pleased that I could draw a rabbit that looks like a rabbit! Everything about it gives me joy as it all seems to marry so well. Mad, fun, bright and surreal. 

Ice scream you scream wallpaper

Boom wallpaper February 19, 2019 12:00

Sometimes I put aside a chunk of time to do some sketching of any old thing that I fancy. Some of this work ends up in the bin and some of it sits on my computer under new ideas for months, even years, until I am ready to look at it again. I may not like a sketch but something about it makes me keep it. Some of my best work has come out of a drawing that I have done and forgotten, and then I revisit and realise its potential. This is when I produce my best work I feel. 

boom wallpaper

Leopard fire wallpaper February 12, 2019 12:00

I have been working hard on a whole new set of designs for wallpaper and prints for the last six months or so.

I love animal prints but never attempted to do one myself until now. Whilst drawing this I was thinking of a big colourful mystical beast roaming around. I like this design because it would suit a lot of interior products too such as carpets, rugs and bedspreads. Ideas are flowing...   

Leopard fire wallpaper

Lola Crest Bedroom update January 1, 2019 12:00

We love this beautiful bedroom update using Lola Crest wallpaper. It's such a great feeling when someone takes the time to send in pictures of the finished room where they have used your wallpaper. The Lola Crest wallpaper was used by a long term customer Charlotte, who became a friend. We call her our number one fan because she has loved and supported our brand for many years, from when we started in fashion until today doing interiors .

This design means a lot to Charlotte and her husband, as she purchased a top from us with the Lola Crest on it and met her husband wearing it. They now have this wallpaper in their first home bought together.

Lola Crest headboard

Lola Crest lamp

Lola Crest stereo

Lola Crest corner

Rainbow Christmas dreams of 6ix9ine December 11, 2018 12:00

Rap-inspired Christmas illustration by Brennan & Burch

Have a colourful rainbow of a Christmas!

Freedom to draw July 13, 2018 12:00

How nice it has been to take a bit of time just to sketch. It's a little world that I rule, nothing is wrong unless you don't like it. I really get lost in it and listen to the music I love loud unless it's night time and kids are in bed!

Hours go by like minutes and my imagination has no limits. I spent about five hours doing this drawing and it has been changed loads since these pictures. The whole process is long but in the end it is worth it.

Illustrated sketch 2

Illustrated sketch 1

Illustrated sketch 3

 Illustrated sketch 4

Old skool rave art, flyers and photography February 16, 2018 12:00

Rave Story 2018 by Music Mondays is upon us and well worth a visit. This 3-day extravaganza features rave art, flyers, photography, vinyl store, dj seminars and workshop and of course a rave to finish.

Rave Story flyer

It's held at Club Aquarium London from 21-23 Feb 2018. This was the venue of Maj's hen night (too drunk to make it to the swimming pool in the club but that's another story!). Last year at Rave Story the UV backdrops were amazing and the bedroom art installation looked just like the flyer encrusted brightly coloured room of a teenager in the late 80s.

Flyers with Happy Daze

Sam Williams from Artypix will be there. We love to listen into Sam's old skool radio show RadioActive FM. Sam is also the author of Happy Daze rave photography book. In 2017 we were lucky enough to win a copy on her radio show and came down to Rave Story to say hi and collect our signed book.

Flyers and signed book

Another gem here is the Phatmedia stand. Phatmedia is a massive online database of old skool flyers and the owner Dave will have some absolute gems of original flyers for sale!  Last year we ended up reminiscing with Sam and Dave and wondering where the Naf Naf twins ended up.

It's free entry to the art gallery, flyer and vinyl store from 11-6 every day.
Tickets for workshops and party on sale at:

Updating your wardrobe by swapping February 9, 2018 12:00

SwapAholicsUK clothes swapping

We helped out in January at SwapAholicsUK Shoreditch clothes swapping event (in return for credits from the time banking platform Echo) and will be back again for this month's event! It was great to use our skills from the old days selling Levis 501s/vintage in Camden Lock market and then touting B&B wares on our stall in Electric Ballroom.

Shoreditch Platform

The message behind these events is a worthy one:
SwapAholicsUK is an organisation that values the importance of protecting our environment that we live and play in. To achieve this mission, we hope to advance a more sustainable future by offering events that encourages the reuse, recycle notion of a better world for our future generations “why shop, when you can swap”.

SwapAholicsUK clothes swapping

Tickets are £3 per person. You can swap up to 20 items in good condition:
- clothes (any season)
- shoes (any size)
- bags
- accessories & jewellery (high street and max 5 pieces per person)

SwapAholicsUK outfit

The next SwapAholicsUK event will be from 12:30-16:00 on Sunday 18 February 2018 at Shoreditch Platform,1 Kingsland Road, London E2 8AA. Be there or miss out on some gems!

How to ace networking in London February 2, 2018 12:00

Networking - whether you love it or hate it there is no getting away from it! We recently blogged about using Shapr app to network online. It's also vital to consider face to face networking. Make sure you are signed up to EventBrite too as it is the site of choice to register for many networking events.
We recently attended 'Network Like a Ninja' at Barking Enterprise Centre as part of the free training they have on offer to entrepreneurs. This practical  session on how get the most out of networking was run by the fabulous Kathy Ennis from Little Piggy. She has inspired us to get creative with our networking so we decided to create this list to help you do the same!
B-Hive at Yates Romford
  1. BNI - this is a biggie... we've never attended but we hear that lots of people get good results. The fees are quite hefty and you have to commit to regular attendance to weekly breakfast meetings, however this should create additional business for you.
  2. Co-working spaces - if you are lucky enough to be located in a cool co-working space, they often hold events where you can learn and network with other members.
    The community managers at Central Working Bloomsbury always make sure members enjoy the evening events and promote relevant local talks too!
    We Work hold some cool talks - a memorable one was tattoo artist's Manuela Gray's screening of her Numbers film about tattoos on prisoners in South Africa, and her photos of subjects. The event was completed by tattoo iced biscuits and Sailor Jerry cocktails served out of a gasoline can. The community managers at Central Working Bloomsbury always make sure members enjoy the evening events and promote relevant local talks too!
  3. Council - try your local council for networking groups in your area. For example, London Borough of Havering Business Development organise Women in Business events every quarter.
  4. Enterprise Nation - hold meet-ups in London and other regional events. The meet-ups are advertised on their events page. They are free to members and there is a small charge for non-members.
  5. Independent local groups - my favourite event is networking group Havering B-Hive held in Yates Romford at 10am on the last Thursday of every month. Ask local business people where they like to go, and keep your eyes peeled for advertising in your area. Joining a nearby group enables you to hear all the gossip about nearby developments and expand useful business connections.
  6. It's Nice That - Nicer Tuesdays events with creative talks and opportunity to network with like-minded peeps.
  7. Meetup - this is a bit of a wild card. It's free to join the site and you can set your location and interests and then local meet-ups will be suggested. We get email alerts of new local events and decide if they are relevant to us without having to constantly seek new opportunities.
  8. Mum to Millionaire - The bubbly and infectiously enthusiastic Veena V holds bi-monthly meet-ups for mums with great businesses. She also runs her own Youtube Channel Veena V and is a trainer helping businesses to get confident on video (but what mum isn't great at multi-tasking?).
  9. Property Investors Network - PIN events are held at key locations nationwide. These property networking meetings can be very well attended and are a great way to meet property professionals.
  10. Women in Business Network - WIBN run events every month at groups across the country. We have been invited as guests to our local group in WIBN Romford and are looking forward to attending next month.

Tattoo biscuits Wildfire Tattoo Collective

Tattoo artwork by Manuela Gray